Dambadiva - The Birth Land of the Buddha

Winson Films in collaboration with the Mahabodhi Society of India presents to coincide with the 2600th Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi 2011.

Just before the Buddha attained final Nirvana he urged his disciples to visit Lumbini, Buddhagaya, Saranath & Kusinara at least once in their lives, the places where the most important events in his mission occurred. In the centuries since then pilgrims from all over the Buddhist world have endured to come to India & Nepal to see the places made sacred by the Buddha’s presence. This is the first comprehensive documentary film for the modern pilgrim wishing to undertake a pilgrimage. Major and minor places of the Buddha’s association with each, their subsequent history and a detailed and informative description of the monuments found there. With its useful, accurate and up-to date information. This film will rightly become the definitive guiding film for Buddhist pilgrims when they visit India & Nepal.

This film will portray the most famous places of Buddhist Pilgrimage such as Lumbini, Kapilavastu, Buddhagaya, Saranath, Rajagaha, Shravasti, Sankassa, Kosambi, Vaishali, Nalanda & Kusinara. This film will be made available in Sinhala, English and will also be dubbed in to several other foreign languages and made available in the DVD Format for distribution for international tourists, Buddhist pilgrims etc. all over the world.

Script : Dr. Dodamgoda Rewatha Thera. General Secretary Mahabodhi Society of India

Screenplay/Production & Direction : Ranjith K.Perera

Running Time : 82 Minutes Language : English/ Sinhala